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Multiply your online profits with the “Missing Link” of Internet marketing your business probably lacks

Autoresponders are the easiest way to increase online revenues 10% … 20% … even 30% or more. Yet not one Internet marketer in 100 uses autoresponders correctly or to their full potential. But now, you can.

Dear Internet Marketer:

Did you ever download a free white paper or special report, only to get – either that day or the next – an e-mail from the publisher trying to build a relationship with you – or get you to buy a product related to the subject of the report?

As you most likely know, that e-mail message wasn’t written personally upon receipt of your download request. It was pre-written and stored in a piece of software called an autoresponder, which was programmed to deliver that e-mail to everyone downloading the freebie.

If you are not familiar with autoresponders, and not using them in your Internet marketing, you should be. And here’s the reason.

Way before the Internet existed, we learned that sending a series of follow-up messages to either a prospect who made an inquiry or a customer who made a purchase was immensely profitable. Back in the day, we followed-up either by mail or with phone calls. It was expensive and labor-intensive.

Now, autoresponders automate that follow-up for you online, so it is done automatically and in the precise sequence the marketer wants – and it costs almost nothing and, once set up, takes almost none of your time.

How effective are e-mail follow-ups in Internet marketing? Well, if you capture the e-mail address of a prospect who visits your online sales letter but does not buy, sending him a series of 3 to 7 follow-up autoresponder e-mails will typically increase conversion rate and orders by 10% to 30%. If the product costs $100 and you got 100 orders from the landing page, a 30% lift in conversion would give you 30 additional orders and another $3,000 in sales.

So if you do not have strong autoresponder sequences in place for all your products – and that’s a crime I am certainly guilty of – then you are leaving money on the table.

To remedy the situation for you and me, I asked copywriter Maria Jacketti to write a new 103-page e-book that I have just published, Double Your Online Marketing Profits with Autoresponders.

** If you are an Internet marketer, Double Your Online Marketing Profits with Autoresponders can show you how to write simple e-mails that can boost your monthly revenues by thousands of dollars a month.

** If you are a copywriter, you will master a skill – writing autoresponder e-mail series – that is much in demand, that most copywriters don’t know how to do, and that is highly lucrative … because it’s not uncommon for a client needing an autoresponder e-mail series to order 5, 7, or even 10 or more e-mails all at once. If you charge $750 a message, well, you do the math.

In Double Your Online Marketing Profits with Autoresponders, you will discover:

  • What is an autoresponder and how do these systems work? Page 1.
  • How and why to study the many autoresponder e-mails you get every day as an online consumer. Page 2.
  • Why autoresponder e-mails are so much better than direct mail. Page 3.
  • How autoresponders can make you money while you sleep. Page 5.
  • How to create, implement, measure, and manage a successful autoresponder e-mail campaign. Page 6.
  • Autoresponder metrics made simple: the dashboard. Page 7.
  • 6 key autoresponder features and how to use each. Page 9.
  • Using your autoresponder to create sign-up forms. Page 12.
  • How to use an autoresponder to build a large and profitable e-list. Page 13.
  • Which should you use – single opt-in or double opt-in? The answer may surprise you. Page 14.
  • The incredible benefits of segmenting your e-list. Page 15.
  • How to create an e-mail “drip” campaign with an autoresponder. Page 16.
  • Using autoresponder e-mails to sell affiliate products for luscious commissions. Page 17.
  • How to automate a reminder for a shopper who has abandoned your shopping cart to get him to complete the purchase. Page 19.
  • A great customer service tactic: using autoresponders to send automatic birthday greetings to your customers. Page 21.
  • Increasing sales with autoresponder-generated anniversary greetings and coupons. Page 24.
  • How to write a confirmation of purchase autoresponder e-mail and an autoresponder notification of shipping status. Starts on page 26.
  • Make more money by using autoresponder e-mails to announce a sale. Page 30.
  • How to reactivate an inactive account with autoresponder e-mails. Page 32.
  • Delivering free e-books and reports as gifts to your prospects and customers via autoresponder e-mail. Page 34.
  • How to deliver an e-course or an entire product line via autoresponder e-mail. Page 36.
  • The survey autoresponder: getting customer feedback on your product or service. Page 38.
  • Using autoresponder emails to encourage new subscribers to access your online content archive or library. This is important because if they don’t access the content, they won’t value the service. Page 41.
  • Using questions, tips, and alerts in your autoresponder e-mail copy. Page 43.
  • Promoting contests with autoresponder e-mails. Page 46.
  • Sending out daily quotes or inspiration with an autoresponder. Page 47.
  • Renewing more memberships, subscriptions, and service contracts with timed autoresponder messages. Page 48.
  • Have an e-newsletter? Send it out like clockwork with your autoresponder.Page 50.
  • Thank-you notes are rare today and much appreciated and noticed. Automate your sending of thank-you notes with an autoresponder. Page 51.
  • Autoresponders are ideal for upsells – and upsells increase average order size 10% or more. Page 53.
  • How much personanlization should you use in your autoresponder e-mails? Page 54.
  • Integrate Facebook and Twitter into your autoresponder e-mails. Page 57.
  • What kind of open rates can you expect from your autoresponder e-mails? Page 58.
  • A new twist: video autoresponders. Do they work or just annoy people? Page 60.
  • Why capturing more information on your squeeze page enables you to make your autoresponder e-mails more relevant? Page 63.
  • The “F pattern” formula for writing e-mail marketing messages. Page 64.
  • 5 ways to write stronger e-mail subject lines. Page 66.
  • Writing the most important part of your e-mail: the first sentence. Page 68.
  • Tips for designing eye-catching HTML e-mails. Page 70.
  • How to make sure your e-mails don’t get caught by spam filters. Page 72.
  • A model 7-effort autoresponder e-mail series you can follow. Starts on page 75.
  • Ideal frequency and content for autoresponder e-mail series. Page 85.
  • Choosing an autoresponder company and software. Page 87. Plus: what autoresponder software and services cost. Page 94.
  • A directory of selected autoresponder companies. Page 96.
  • And so much more….

Would you pay me $29 to help you increase your online conversion rates up to 30% or more?

If you were to hire me to write a 7-effort e-mail autoresponder series for one of your products, it would cost you over $5,000.

And I have made as much as $5,500 a day teaching marketers and copywriters how to write kick-butt e-mail marketing messages...

But you won’t pay $5,500 … $550 … or even $100 to master the art of marketing with autoresponder e-mail series.

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But as part of this special introductory offer, order now and it’s yours for just $29. That’s less than I charge for just 5 minutes of my time, and it’s a $30 savings off the list price.

But $29 is what you pay only if you agree that Double Your Online Marketing Profits with Autoresponders is worth at least 10X that amount to you in terms of increased online marketing effectiveness and results.

If not, then your price is zero. Zilch. Nothing. Nada. Thanks to….

….Our 100% iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction

Your satisfaction with Double Your Online Marketing Profits with Autoresponders is fully guaranteed.

That’s right.

If you are not 100% delighted for any reason – or for no reason at all – just let me know within 90 days for a full and prompt refund.

And you can still keep the e-book and bonus gift (see my P.S. below) free, with my compliments. That way, you risk nothing.

So what are you waiting for?

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Sincerely,Bly SignatureBob Bly

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  • The most common mistake made when creating info products and how to avoid it. Page 3.
  • The secret of making hype in marketing work for you. Page 8.
  • What the National Enquirer can teach you about selling information on the Internet. Page 14.
  • Best day of the week and best time of day to send your e-mail marketing messages. Page 20.
  • Optimize your weekly e-mail schedule to increase online revenues. Page 25.
  • For best Internet marketing results, write conversational copy. Page 33.
  • 10 tips for increasing landing page conversion rates. Page 38.
  • 5 ways to build a large and response opt-in e-list of qualified prospects. Page 42.
  • 7 steps to selling more newsletter subscriptions online. Page 47.
  • And more….

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